I like naming things. I think it adds some personality to whatever it is that I’ve named, and it’s easier or perhaps a bit more fun to refer to things with names as opposed to nouns.

I named my shiitake block (thus my mushrooms), Pierre. Mushrooms just seem French to me. Mushrooms are sophisticated, classy, cultured, and have a worldly presence about them. So naturally they get French names. Pierre is resting for the time being but I expect he’ll be back in action in no time.

My latest mushroom adventure is named Claudette. She’s a blue oyster mushroom and I have to take a moment to describe just how incredible and beautiful she is!

Claudette came to me by way of Ryan Smith, a local master cultivator with Exotic Earth Mushrooms. He was kind enough to give me a bag of freshly spawned oyster mushroom mycellium.  And let me tell you. She is beautiful and she’s growing fast! Ryan took spawn and inoculated some pasteurized straw on October 28th. Since then she’s practically taken over the entire bag. It’s really incredible!

2014_11_05_Claudette1 2014_11_05_Claudette2











I hoped Pierre would have produced a few more mushrooms but I ran into some problems with mold. So I’ve treated the block as best I can for it and he’s resting now. But I’ve got Claudette growing and I couldn’t be more excited.

She’s only 8 days old and just look at how much the mycellium has made it way through the straw.  I think in a week or so it might be time to start fruiting. This is my first time growing oyster mushrooms (and my second attempt ever growing mushrooms) so I really do not know what to expect, when to do…well anything, and what happens after that. Yes, I’ve read several books, listened to podcasts, reviewed numerous forums, watch videos and TED talks, but this is the sort of thing that you can’t get through with just book smarts alone. There’s a lot of feel to this, and watching, and paying attention to the mycellium, and being careful all the while. It’s a tremendous learning curve actually, but it’s the most fun I’ve ever had growing anything.

Regardless, I am just as taken with Claudette as I am with Pierre – who will be back in action soon I’m sure.  Expect updates and more interesting anecdotes very soon.


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