Merry Christmas from THE BEACH

Merry Christmas, everyone!

After having just gotten back from THE BEACH for the 4th time this weekend, I wanted everyone to know that I truly and genuinely hope all of you have a warm, heartfelt, relaxing Christmas, filled with family, friends and love.

We’ve had some spectacular weather lately, especially this weekend. I just got done washing the sand from my flip-flops, tossing my shorts and t-shirt in the laundry basket, cleaning my sun glasses, putting my bicycle up for the weekend, and opening the doors and most of windows to let the warm, BEACH breeze in. With my chores all done I thought now would be a good time to send everyone some warm holiday wishes.

THE BEACH was packed today, and it’s no wonder given the weather we had. There were a few surfers and lots of kite boarders due to the strong and constant winds. So many people were out today that I had to brake suddenly several times to avoid children darting out into slowly moving, on-coming bicycle traffic. Today though was more treacherous than usual. Kites were very popular and most of their child handlers had no idea how to fly them.  I wasn’t hit myself, though I was buzzed twice by two different kites flown by very apologetic parents. A sunbather came within inches though of being the first kite casualty of the season.

Christmas in Florida is quite a scene. Just today as I was wheeling along THE BEACH and I saw a few young women wearing shorty short shorts, a bikini top and sheep skin winter boots with faux fur lining. If this isn’t the equivalent of a weather identity crisis then I don’t know what is. I understand being prepared for a sudden change in weather but this was a bit of a stretch.

Later I saw a woman in the grocery store who was wearing a long, knee-length wool coat, a scarf and mittens.

It was 81 degrees today.

As she walked she kept pulling the front of her coat closed around her neck, as if she were protecting herself from a cold breeze.  The funny part was she wasn’t even in the frozen food section. She was in the check out line.

Just because it’s warm here doesn’t mean we don’t get into the holiday spirit!  I saw a man jogging on the beach with his two dogs, each with collars with little sleigh bells on them. Everyone within earshot turned their head as he jogged by because the sound of those bells conjured up scenes of Rudolph, Frosty, the Grinch, sleds, fire places, and ice skates. The sleigh bell sound was so out-of-place and it was  just hilarious. There was something very comical with the bells against the back drop of sand and waves. The jogger loved it. It was clear he enjoyed turning heads.

The hardest part for me – even after being in Florida for a while, is vendors selling Christmas trees. I realize that no other thing symbolizes Christmas like a Christmas tree, but seeing them in Florida is still very funny to me. The ones with fake snow on the branches make me smile even more.

But my all time favorites are the pink flamingos lawn ornaments, dolphin and manatee mailboxes, with red santa hats on them.  There is nothing more “quintessential Florida” than pink flamingos with santa hats.  I just love those!  One of these days I’m going to have to get a few of those and do up my whole yard in a tropical Christmas theme.  I want to have string lights in my palm trees, and flip-flop and pink flamingo Christmas tree lights, tiki totems with santa hats, and reindeer wearing board shorts.

With that said and bedtime quickly approaching, I again wish everyone a very merry Christmas.

Now if y’all will excuse me, there’s fresh coconut, mangos and pineapples to munch on.

Sand man

Sand man







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