We are dead.  Nearly all of us.

We are of the Earth, yet we have chosen to completely separate ourselves from it.  We need one another to get by, yet we would be hurt beyond description if others treated us the way we treat others.

We squander our personal energy for a fleeting and unsustainable reprieve from the desolation and loneliness of our lives. We look for contentment in a pill, beauty under a knife, legacy in a word.  We look for truths if pleasant, success if effortless, health if convenient.

The world and all its peoples are a mess.  Almost no one is happy; nearly everyone is suffering. It is my opinion these things are true because most of us are dead.

While it’s true that we do exist, few of us are actually alive.  We’ve been dead to the world and most everything in it for quite some time and it’s essential to our survival, happiness, and growth as individuals and as a species that we wake up, wipe the sleep from our eyes and begin to live once again.

The process starts by letting go of all prejudices and preconceived notions, and to stop seeing people and their actions through the lenses of right, wrong, good and bad. Then we must choose to look at ourselves – our thoughts and actions, as they are, regardless of how agonizing or loathsome acknowledging unpleasant truths may be. And last, we must see the world for what it is today, not what we think, believe or wish it could be.

Embracing these ideas and actions resulted in the fortitude for me to come back to life, to earn peace of mind and enjoy happiness. If this works for one it can work for many.

This is not easy. In fact, it’s likely the most difficult thing one can choose to do.

I am an expert in nothing.  I don’t know everything.  But against all odds I have made the transition from being dead to being alive, and I can say with certainty that if you choose this path you will not regret it.  You will be transformed and nothing will ever be the same in the best ways possible.

Should you earnestly and sincerely embark upon this pilgrimage, I believe you will come to know true happiness and genuine peace of mind. A sense of calm will settle somewhere in your being such that difficult and challenging emotions will become less impactful and positive emotions will become profoundly abundant.

Getting home from work and watching TV every night, sequestering one’s self because of a general dislike for people, finding constant fault in others or yourself, being negative or pessimistic – even when it’s funny, living in a messy, dirty or cluttered environment, and letting go of one’s self physically is not going to result in happiness.  Happiness, calm and peace will never come from engaging in these thoughts or behaviors.

So what does one do to resurrect themselves – to come back to life?

Experience different and new things.
Seek out new ways to accomplish familiar things.
Try something – anything, you’ve not tried before.
Experiment with your imagination.
Learn about things you think you don’t like but have never actually tried.
Leave your comfort zone regularly.
Embrace the un-usual.
Find and surround yourself with wonderful, generous, giving, happy people and behave just like them.

These can be as simple as taking a different route home one day, trying ethnic food you’ve not tried before, walking into your yard and paying attention to a flower, tree, weed or bug you’ve unfamiliar with, watching a foreign movie, saying hello to someone in passing just for the heck of it, taking a walk and breathing in fresh air, re-arrange your space, paint something, create something, read weird websites or ‘out there’ books or magazines, join a social club and actually attend it’s meetings and earnestly mingle with its members, get a plant and nurture it. The possibilities are endless.

These types of things need not be profound or daring, fancy or expensive. These can be anything as long as they’re different or new to you.

Living is a verb. You must be an active participant in life to be alive, and that’s what my blog chronicles – my choosing to live and the experiences that result from my choices.

It is my hope that those who are dead to the world “come back to life”.  It is my wish that my observations, struggles, adventures, failures and experiences can be of service to those who choose to undertake this remarkable and rewarding journey.