The Beach – Part 2

I’ve learned a few more things about beach life.

Shorts.  Let’s revisit the shorts thing.  So, this last Saturday I planned on a whole, entire day of boogie boarding.  And since it was such a nice day outside, why waste time going to the store to get new shorts?  That just doesn’t compute.  I thought that if I used the evil shorts from last week and just use them for swimming (not having a few miles in them) that maybe they’ll be ok for a while.


I went home, found some old sweats, cut ’em off to about shorts length and called it good.  With my bicycle basket filled with a towel, sun screen and water, and my boogie board resting on the handle bars, I headed back to the beach.

I boogie boarded for the rest of the afternoon.

Now I don’t know if it’s age or what but I had to create a rule for myself.  That’s something I hardly ever do but I felt it was necessary in this case.  My new rule is that I cannot pass out from sheer exhaustion until at least 8:30 pm.

Last Saturday I passed out at 7:30 pm.  I couldn’t believe it!  But remember, I’m usually up before dawn and I often ride my bike to get breakfast.  Then I ride along the beach for a while, then home to get my beach gear, then I ride back to the beach and swim for a few hours (or all day), and then ride home.  And sometimes I go home, park the bike, and go back so I can walk along the beach around sunset.

Life is good.

So, about low tide.  I realize that when its low tide, the water is lower to the ground.  Everyone knows that.  However, when I’m on a boogie board having way too much fun, and just caught a most excellent wave on a most perfect day, low tide isn’t at the forefront of my mind until I try to maneuver my boogie board off the wave

It’s only then do I realize I’m in 0.001 inches of water.  My knees noticed it first followed by my shins, followed by the top of my feet.  The top most layer of skin was removed by the sand and miscellaneous shells on the shore.  It didn’t hurt too much until much later though so this hardly counts as an adventure.  It was more like organic exfoliating.

Note to self.  Never lose sight of water depth when you’ve finished riding a wave in close to shore.

About my new bike.  Y’all know I bought a beach cruiser and that it has no gears.  Just pedal and you go forward, pedal backwards and that’s how you brake.  It’s old school, like the bikes I had as a kid.

It’s funny though.  I’m used to bikes with gears and hand brakes and peddling backwards with no adverse effects.  A few times I about crashed because I went into auto pilot and started to pedal backwards while riding, thus braking very unexpectedly.  Thank goodness the bike is new and the brakes haven’t been broken in just yet.

I mean, c’mon.  How embarrassing would it be to mess up on a beach cruiser?  I mean, if I had a Lance Armstrong bike, messing up is glorious.  If I had clip on shoes, sure.  Everyone would respect that faux pas.  Messing up on a beach cruiser?  You don’t come back from that.  I feel like I’m living on so many edges these days that AARP is going to remove me from their mailing list.

So today I went into the bike shop to pick up some bike related accessories and as I’m talking to the bike shop guy he checked the odometer on my bike.  I’ve put 70 miles on my bike in 8 days!

Behold the fabulousness that is me.

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