The Beach – Part 5

Good day y’all!

I went for my usual walk along the beach a few days ago and there he was. I didn’t take but two or three steps in the water and that terrorist crab was right there! With the same ‘tude as before. That’s how I know it was the same crab. And he came after me again, just like last time. WTH?

But you know what’s funny? I don’t really fear sharks yet, or jellies, or anything else in the water. I know they’re there. I know what they can do. blah, blah. Those silver dollar size crabs – *they* make me nervous. Every time I turn over a shell or step on something I have flashbacks of the trauma of being viciously attacked. With intense therapy I’ve managed to regain the full use of my index toe but I do notice I look down a whole lot more when I’m walking along the beach.

I went surfing again! I have a few more thoughts on surfing.

One, I can see it just before it happens but not soon enough to stop it. When I try to catch a wave and I see the nose of the surfboard start to go under water, it’s back side over the front side, body and board. I can only imagine how spectacular it is watching that from the shore! Two, when I wipe out and I’m under water I have no idea which way is up. None whatsoever. Three, when one is getting tossed about in the surf that great big ten food plus surfboard can sometimes become an ICBM.

But really, I had yet another spectacular time surfing. In spite of the hard lessons learned I felt a lot more comfortable with the board this time. Apparently high tide is the time to surf. The waves were pretty and smooth and the water was warm and the wind was minimal. And I was able to stand up a lot more this time!

But I figure I’m 48 and fearless (except for spiders), and in spite of the headaches, memory loss, scrapes, cuts and bruises I’d say I’m doing quite well. In fact, I’m thinking about going pro. So if y’all want my autograph it’s best to get it now, before I start to get sponsors. I plan on kicking major backside on the geriatric surf circuit. Just you wait. Soon you’ll be seeing clips of me shreading on ESPN 8 – The Ocho.

The highlight of my week though was saving a little fishes life. I was walking and I see the tide wash up this tiny little dime-sized fish. The fish had some very interesting colors. It was fluorescent yellow and green in color, depending on how the light caught the fish. The little fish was indeed pretty! I was fascinated with its coloring until I remembered there are nuclear subs putting around off the coast on any given day. That’s when I promptly put the little guy back in the water.

I wonder if that little fish blogging about his shore experiences.

I’m hoping maybe he’ll tell all his ocean friends how cool I am and they’ll leave me alone from now on. Though I have a feeling that no matter who the little dime-sized fish tells that I saved his life, I’m guessing the terrorist crab isn’t going to get the memo.

And for all of my friends who keep saying you hope I get bitten by a shark…
Very funny.

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